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The island of Losinj is situated on the north side of the Adriatic sea, in the Gulf of Quarner. It belongs to the archipelago that embraces Losinj, Unije, Susak, Ilovik and Srakane island and many other smaller islands. Due to their geografical position these islands have an excellent climate. Since the year 1892. Losinj has been pronounced a climatic health resort and the austro-ungaric empress, Sissi, has chosen our island as her permanent residence. With arround 2600 sunny hours per year, Losinj belongs to the sunniest islands of the european continent. Intouched nature is the most valuable characteristic of our island. Fresh air, clean water, gentle climate and the island flora with more than 1100 aromatic plants – all this will complitely relax You and act beneficiary on Your health. In our sea You can enjoy from mai until october. Our extremly pleasant environment will permit You to practice all kinds of water and underwater sport activities.


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